I'm speaking with a graphic designer to create a nice logo and then I'm speaking with developers to create a prototype and possibly a minimum viable product. My app idea can't be found on the app store or play store, so I'm confident that with great marketing I could bring in an abudant amount of users. How do I get the funding I need?

I'm not usually big on crowdfunding, but this is the sort of thing that it was created for. I would think that if you made your pitch compelling you'd be able to raise a fair amount that way.

I would also suggest that you really pear down your app so as minimize expenses. Use only one developer, making something with just enough features to get people interested and signing up. I wouldn't spend too much on the logo; a good logo is nice, but the question is, how much will it really help you in attracting early adopters?

Answered 8 days ago

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