I have an in-person branding workshop for small business owners that really helps them figure out how to attract their optimal clients or customers. I have tried for YEARS to get it online, but keep hitting the wall. Sometimes it's the time issue, but most of the time it's just that I look at the whole process and just get overwhelmed and give up. I need to jump on a call with someone who can take a look at my course outline and basic ideas, and then give feedback and input for translating the content to a platform like Thinkific, or sth similar. If you have proven expertise in this area, I would love to hear from you, and possibly jump on a call. It is highly preferred that you can help specifically with online marketing/branding courses and the ins and outs of building a high-impact learning experience online for the business world—but NOT absolutely necessary. : ) Thanks much ahead of time!!

Hey how's it going !

I admire that you've been able to build an in person workshop--this actually makes your position a whole lot easier than someone starting from scratch and not even having a product/market fit!

I also know how difficult it is in the beginning to transition your service into a scalable productized service.

First, check out the podcast Tropical MBA who really helped me in growing my online productized service business. You'll get tons of free advice and case studies there!

Secondly, I advise you build and self publish your own content rather than use Thinkific/Teachable/Udemy/ the like.

Not only will you own everything, you'll be able to set your course at whatever price you want and on top of it take home the full cut -- these platforms, especially Udemy, take hefty fees and can set pricing caps (I learned this the hard way).

I'd love to brainstorm with you and give actionable advice that you can use to cement your online course on the stage among the many others (including my own) that run profitably.

I can tell you have a strong intention and passion behind what you're doing, so that should make it easy for us both to make progress.

Feel free to shoot me a message !


Answered 2 months ago

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