I want to get salespeople in place that will contact these connections. I'm curious to know how other places have reached their clients.


Lead generation is vital for many businesses to keep going and get a steady amount of revenues.

But it should not be the first thing to think about.

The first thing to think about is always related to your customers. And that's why the creation of the user personas is helpful to understand more about them.

Using empathy maps is a good exercise (I suggest you to use this exercise with different members of the team) to really understand more about the feelings, desires, problems that your potential customers have. And that will help to communicate with them in a better way.

After that you can think of better ways to attract leads. There are different ways and some can work better than others. Some examples are:

- Google Ads (search and display campaigns)
- Social media
- Online communities
- Word of mouth

The important thing for each of these platforms is to create content that can be interesting for your audience and can help them to solve the problems that they have.

I hope this can give a general idea of the possibilities offered by online marketing.

I am always happy to answer other questions that you might have!


Answered 2 months ago

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