What a great question.

One of my favorite coaching topics is overcoming insecurities. It is a favorite because the results are exponentially rewarding!

Not knowing the particulars limit my responses; therefore, broad-strokes answer is as follows:

Fundamentally, the underlying cause of your daughter’s inhibitions should be addressed because intellect is not necessarily synonymous with self-portrait.

I am not suggesting that your daughter should be psychoanalyzed; I am suggesting that it may take more than (positive reinforcement) to help your daughter communicate more effectively, which is a powerful tool in defining oneself, subsequently creating confidence that results in a more assured person even when that person’s thought, act, or response is incorrect. The confidence is derived from the process of doing the task to the best of one’s ability and having satisfaction in knowing that one has exhausted due diligence for the outcome.

With the proper exercises, this type of insecurity is easily resolved.

I hope this broad-strokes response provided some clarity for your daughter and you. “How to Communicate Effectively,” is one of my top skills-set. You may send me a message or call if you believe I may be of assistance. Regardless, I hope continued academic success for your daughter and a lasting positive resolution in her self-confidence. (smile)

Answered 12 days ago

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