I am unemployed because my boss was put on querntine because her daughter tested posotive for covid 19.I clean condos with her and without her bids I dont have jobs to work.unemployment said i was an insured worker for 58.00 a week and they say unless i get covid they wont change my case.Now I am experiencing symptoms but dont have the money to go get tested without have to possiably expose someone else to catch a ride.I feel at a loss I am soory for being so negative so thank you for your pateince. DeNae

Stop waiting for someone else and go out and market for yourself. Put you a resume together and go to some places and tell them what you do and inquire if they could use your services. One person don't stop anything. If you want to eat and survive in this world you must stop looking for excuses. So go make your own bids, go pitch your own sales, and go get your money.

Answered 25 days ago

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