Looking to bring an Ice Cream Cafe concept from Europe to the States and would like to have better idea of ROI and how to come up with best name and brand logo.

If it's a global brand, people would anyway get to know the real price (thanks to Google).

If it's a niche concept, it depends on how you want to position it. "Sales is changing perceptions". If you create a hype on the branding and promotional activities in a suburb location, people feel its over priced. If you under value the product in a high lifestyle location, you cannot meet your sales numbers. You need to look at the surrounding factors that influence price; since price is not an isolated factor.

When you do a business model, price is generally calculated after the backward integration is done.

My suggestion is, do a pilot in 3 types of markets at 3 different price points. Closely watch the response and the pattern, you will be a winner :)

Answered 4 years ago

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