I help increase sales through customer success. This also subsumes being a marketing and sales strategist.

From your question it seems to me, that before you reach out to anyone, you need a business strategy. Else shooting arrows here and there will consume a lot of time, energy, and money, not to mention enthusiasm.

You have to articulate clearly:

- your value proposition
- how is it different from your competitors, (remember Europe and USA are very saturated, crowded, and mature markets for offshoring, with lot of established and smaller competitors)
- Who are your top 3 market segments
- what is your ability to service the above, (think of it from customer's view point - why would they give you an order versus to your, equally, if not more established and cost-effective competitors, from around the globe?)

The intersection of above will give you an outline of a business strategy. It will also give you a basic time bound sales and market plan. It will also give you a better idea of customer profile and geography to focus on, for the first 6-12 months. It will give you an idea of what sales revenue to aim for, with what expenses, margins, and cash flow; how much investment is needed. It may so evolve from this analyses, which will include a SWOT, which are your most profitable markets, do they include USA or Europe, or are there other possibilities etc. It will answer if you will you sell on your own or use a partner? What kind profiles? How will you equip sales or partner to be able to represent your strengths well.

I can help you evolve answer to some or all or more of these questions depending upon what scale you are looking for. You can read some of my articles on LinkedIn what cover such topics. If of interest, I can point 1-2 specific ones. Let me know if we should get on a call say 11.30 am Lebanon time between 7-9 Dec or you tell me a preference.

Hope this is of value. Look forward. All the best.

Answered 3 months ago

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