I have an idea for what would be a kind of a 'private practice in councilling, a wellness centre and a school, the centres will be called 'BEST VERSION CENTRES' the mission being to help people get living their 'best life,' there will be centres In at least many of the major cites and there will be a process that you have to go through... you will first be assigned to one our many councillors who will work with you on whatever it is you are looking to improve in your life, be that relationships, health, career, mental health etc etc and then once to the bottom and root of what may be hindering you from achieving these things you would be directed to certain courses that we will offer in our centres, online and elsewhere to better your life in these areas... for example, you are having trouble finding your passion so you come to one of our many centres and work with a councillor for a few days/weeks to figure it out and get a better vision of your dream life, then once so, you would be recommended a course out of the thousands that we will offer to give you experience points, knowledge and mabie even qualifications in whatever sector of work your heart is in... bear in mind it may be a 6 week yoga and meditation course you need in our yoga studios or one of our a personal trainers for a few months to get you in shape (this being mostly in one big centre with many different sectors, the mind wing, the body wing and the soul wing) along with the career side of things... we will have links to industry professionals and interviews as to get you on your way as soon as you believe that you have the right choice as well as what I call a 'simulated job experiences, or an unpaid week in a handful of profession you may be looking to go into to ensure that you are making the right decision for yourself), all of this will be included in a monthly paid package aswell as being able to use our facilities without the package and just separate as a gym, swimming baths and sports courts etc etc there will also be a daycare service for parents looking to use our centres and after 'nursery ages' children will also be able to take part in courses and clubs specially for there ages until they get to 16 years of age and are able to use our average adult services, much of this also being available in an online form for those not easily in reach of our centres, we will also offer transport help (gas, bus and taxi etc) and also situation based pay... if you are in a really bad situation and can't even pay for what I would make sure is affordable then the payments would either be covered or be 'NO INTEREST!' debt for when the client is able to pay it back ;) I aim for the monthly price to be similar to an affordable wellness centre/spa-type membership. So... what's your opinion???

This is a great idea.
Initially, it sounds as though the centres are meant only for school children, as a form of guidance within the school as a non-profit. Depending on your target market, you may struggle to find clients that are willing to pay a monthly fee because they may feel that it's a trivial exercise, especially when it's something they're new to. I'd suggest you do some market research, there is a big difference in affordability between high-schoolers and adult parents and their priorities will differ greatly.

I'd also advise you reconfigure the method/type of membership. The monthly fee is great for income and client retention however, may be off-putting to lower earning clients. Maybe look into a day-rate or weekly rate as well. This will accommodate someone that would like to experience the facility prior to making a commitment or even someone who can't make the full commitment and only wants to visit your facilities every now and again.

All in all, it's brilliant. Let me know if you've got any follow-up questions that we can handle via a call.

All the best

Answered a year ago

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