How can I franchise a residual revenue generating information kiosk to be located at tourist attractions?

The kiosks will eventually be located at all major tourist attractions worldwide. Could you suggest best method- Should I own and operate (self serving kiosks with low maintenance) or go franchise route from Canada to the rest of world.Thanks for all your input.


Depends on a large number of factors. Here are a couple - 1. If you own and operate them, do you have the capital to grow as fast as you would like? 2. Do you need to franchise, or will a standard license or dealer arrangement suffice? 3. How much control do you need to exercise over the operations of the kiosk, i.e. use of the brand name, pricing, quality control, sales activities, training, marketing, etc.

Franchising is a another method of distribution. The real question for you is what is the best method? I always recommend a feasibility study be done to ensure the best method of growth, followed by a strategic plan to do so.

Answered 11 years ago

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Answered 11 years ago

In my point of view, franchise is mainly a matter of being able to operate the kiosk network by yourself or not. You know better than anyone your capacity of managing those kiosks and it all depends on your vision about this business. It is not a black or white answer, you will probably end up doing both (self own kiosks and franchised kiosks)

Having a franchise enables your concept to grow faster but you get potentially less control. Usually companies start a franchise when they reach the limit of their organisation structure to absorb growth.

This means that it is useful when there is a initial demand, prove first that you have a nice market at home otherwise you will have issues finding people ready to start your franchise concept in their own country.

Answered 10 years ago

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