Hi, Im currently a regular user of Divi Theme. I know that it's one of the best themes available for Wordpress so i prefer to stick with it. But once you get familiar with it, you want to extend it's functionality and implement additional tweaks. The thing is that i know very little about coding (CSS modification & Javascript stuff) so i've been looking for a plugin that makes this stuff easier for me. I've discovered one that if i'm not wrong it's actually the most popular, Divi Booster. But this doesn't necessarily mean this one's the most powerful available. That is why I ask for your opinion on this. Should I buy Divi Booster or there's a better choice that i'm not aware of?

Divi Booster is a good option to get that added functionality without having to code. Divi Switch is another really good, and comparable option. Hard to say one is better than the other. In fact, you can run both at the same time. It comes down to evaluating your needs vs their features. But ultimately, both are solid choices.

Answered 17 days ago

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