How would you get 1500 sign-ups for this cool hardware accessory over night/week/month with little to no money?

I'll also be happy to talk to you, if you prefer. We plan to launch it on, but we'd rather have the interested people (community) signed-up already. We'd need about 1500 iPad gamers to sign-up to get notified (and actually buy one for ~$50 once we launch). We already validated the concept with over hundred people, that signed-up (SEO only). Thanks for reading and considering.


Easy :)

There are a number of companies that make games which would work with your steering wheel. If those companies have captured the email address of their users (or have the ability to send push notifications to the device) then they already have a direct relationship to your market.

Go to these companies (all of them), and create a profit sharing deal that incentivizes everyone involved. If they promote your product to their user base then they will receive $X per conversion.

It's a win-win-win.

Customer wins because they find out about an accessory that they care about.

Gaming company wins because they brought their customers something cool and useful, and they make money from the transaction.

You win because you get tens of thousands of pings being sent out on your behalf to a perfectly targeted market, without spending any money upfront, and only spending money on the back end when the purchase has already happened and there is no unknown monetary risk.

If you need more growth strategies - give me a call.

Answered 10 years ago

Cool product, but I would want to understands what differentiates your product from other similar ones on the market - ie . Do you offer something different? Do you have a patent? Without strong differentiation, or a very unique niche, it will be hard to justify the $50 cost over the $15 Gamewheel. It will also make your claim of "The First Tabletop Gaming Wheel for the iPod".

Never want to shoot someone's dream down, but you have to be aware of market realities. Marketing this with little or no money is going to be a challenge against a low-priced competitor who appears to have deep pockets.

This being said, if you can carve out a different niche for your product that considers your wheel the one they have to use, or you have better design or functionality. It would be interesting to know what you mean when you say that you validated the concept using SEO only. Have they purchased, or just signed up to be notified when the product is going to be available.

Answered 10 years ago

You have an interesting product and you can definitely achieve 1,500 sign ups with no money.

The keys to a good campaign are:

1. Leveraging your network and contacts - use your direct contact and expand your network to engage influencers in supporting your campaign
2. Using the ripple effects of your network, social media, articles, PR and videos
3. Having a great story to tell - if people can tell your story with as much passion as you can, they will do your promotion
4. Preparation and persistence - you need to do all your research and homework before the campaign start. You also need to set 100% of your time towards making the campaign a success.

One of my clients had 4,700,000 views on her TED talk after only a 2h coaching session:

As a result she got a 2 page spread in the Wall Street Journal AND was invited on the Colbert Report!!

Get in touch to talk about the practicalities for Kolos Wheel and how you can raise $75,000 from the launch campaign!!

Answered 10 years ago

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