I feel the time is right to launch the music startup I have been thinking about for the last year. I'm torn between jumping into it and going to work at another company to really sharpen up my development skills. I'm coming out of the program as a still fresh, very jr dev. No savings, but ready to start a company otherwise. What do you recommend?

Is it strictly a case of one or the other? Why couldn't you find part or full-time employment in an area that will develop your skill and dedicate the rest of your time to applying what you learn to building your startup slowly? Going full-tilt may be exciting but without savings, it can be difficult and stressful. At some point your startup's needs may surpass your ability and then you may find yourself in a position of giving away equity to get to the next level or even having to call it quits for lack of resources.

A third option could be finding work in an environment (like ours) where you can both hone your relevant skills, working on diverse web projects, *and* get full no support building your personal project, which I'm assuming is web development-heavy. We get that people have bigger aspirations than their regular day job. We should talk!

Answered 7 years ago

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