Who knows a lender that will fund business acquisitions. My business is based in Canada

I am looking for a lender who will finance an online business acquisition. The website is generating 13K in sales a month and the Net is 99%. Need an lender for e-commerce and advertising websites. The owner will self-finance 50% of purchase cost of website and provide support for 10 months during the transition. Purchase is done through an Escrow account and I have 30 days to review the website to make sure the website produces as much as the owner claims. The advertising clients make monthly payments for advertising directly into a Paypal account.


You'll start by first stating the purchase price + exact site URL.

This is the only way to guess, as the site audience + monetization + marketing + sales multiple being asked, all determine your options.

Tip: Hire someone to help you with this... as... depending on answers to the above questions... will layout various approaches to fund your purchase...

Answered 3 years ago

You can contact the Angel Investors from Angel List.

Answered a year ago

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