I am an entrepreneur based in San Francisco who has spent 3 years building a healthcare-related company. I have dropped $150K into the product. I have a few customers but no traction. I feel like giving up, but $150K is a hell of a lot of money to have put in.

I have had similar questions. For myself I am technical although not a developer and having to hire developer consultants, manage the product, advertise and all the other items the go with being a founder. The biggest challenge he been hiring developers I can afford who will actually do the work with quality.
So, yes I have had these same questions however when I get businesses registering or emails asking if my system does "ABC" I know I am building the right product and it's just the time the developers are taking to get it done which is my main issue.
When I go to conferences I get great response from people.
My latest issues have been development staff and trying to get the development complete to guide the customers for configuring the system.

For my situation I am over the hump and just cleaning up loose ends to make it easier for people to use.

So for yourself, are people going to find your product useful and will they pay for it?

Please reach out anytime.

Answered 7 years ago

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