I am building a mobile app for a B2B audience. I have an MVP that I am about to launch in the app store as well as an email list of 100 or so people who've expressed interest. What are some milestones that signify the growth of a healthy startup?

This is case specific. Here are a few things I would consider from my experience with MVP's:

- focus on usage, not number of people using
- # of Downloads
- # of Downloads that use product (tie this to relevant metric e.g. if you're mint this could be linking 2 financial accounts)
- Whether people will pay you to use your product
- if freemium model, what % are paying and how can I convert more of them
- are you creating an investable story - e.g. there is a big market, I am solving __ problem, X # of people have this problem, y/x are using my app with no marketing, X LTV is Z, and no I need money to find more X's etc
- you personally still like what you're doing

Hope this was helpful. I am happy to chat more about this in more detail

Answered 7 years ago

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