Could anyone help me find any legitimate companies who hire for work at home positions, online customer service, etc., which aren't scams?

I have an extensive customer service background. Currently don't have a running vehicle. I really need to save the money to have my car fixed, or get a new one. Therefore I need to find a legit job which I can currently do without any transportation. Any suggestions please lmk... Anything helps and is very appreciated! 🙂


Most customer service jobs are going overseas, but this is a great website with only remote jobs that might be useful:

It's a relatively new site, but they're doing a great job.

Answered a year ago

Here are a some legitimate websites that provide work-from-home opportunities in online customer service and other fields:

Upwork - a freelancing platform where you can find customer service and other remote jobs.

FlexJobs - a job board that curates flexible and remote job listings from various industries, including customer service.

Amazon - offers virtual customer service positions where you can work from home.

Apple - hires remote advisors for their customer service department.

LiveOps - offers work-at-home opportunities for customer service representatives.

Sykes - provides virtual customer service positions for various industries.

Concentrix - offers remote positions for customer service representatives.

Working Solutions - hires remote workers for customer service, sales, and technical support positions.

Lionbridge - offers remote positions for customer service and other roles in various industries.

Kelly Services - offers work-from-home positions in various industries, including customer service.

While these websites are legitimate, it is still necessary to conduct your own research and due diligence before applying for any job opportunity. Always look for reviews and testimonials from current or former employees, and never give out personal information or pay any upfront fees to a potential employer.

Answered a year ago

My advice would be to identify recruiters (headhunters) in the industry in which you are experienced. These recruiters are well networked and are incentivized to find the right fit for you. It costs you nothing and they can match you up with your specific requirements.

The value of creating your own network of recruiters in the industry you serve is immense. I spent 30 years building that network. Anytime they contact me if I'm not interested or I'm not looking to hire, I always try to give them a lead or two. When I needed to find the next adventure they were eager to place me and put extra effort into marketing my skills.

Great thing is the larger your salary the more money the recruiter makes. They are really an amazing resource that's often overlooked.

If you haven't started building a strong network on LinkedIn I would highly recommend that also. It's a great way to keep your finger on the pulse of your industry and opportunity to find recruiters and other hiring managers.

Good luck in your pursuit. If you ever want to brainstorm I would be happy to hear your story.

Make it a great day!


Answered a year ago

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