In Bizplan when I want to plan my BANK financing where and how do I do that?


I run a startup where I've approach a bank for financing Capex procurement.

Typically, most banks offer loans to business account holders - with or without collateral. The rates of interest vary accordingly.

If you want to plan how much financing to obtain, it is dependent on a) the capital requirements for the project, b) the liquid assets that your organization owns and which can be used to contribute towards the asset / working capital fund requirements, c) the owner's risk appetite, d) business goals (Debt to Equity ratio, Current Ratio considerations), e) Type of Project risks involved, f) Collateral Availability

Apart from banks, you can also approach Non-Banking Financial Institutions, or Venture Capital Investors who may be more tuned to giving you access to the funds besides other advisory services.

Answered a year ago

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