How do you build strong business relationships through networking? Where do you network?

I gained 11k+ connections on LinkedIn ( ) but I still feel that there could be more done in terms of how I do networking. What are your top tips on networking? Where do you network?


I would love to help you with this please feel free to book a call with me and I will collaborate with you to build your network. To fully help you I would need to better understand your goals and the network you need built. Just having connections is not a valuable network. Your network is only as strong as the trust you have built within it.

I would consider my network very strong. I built it over thirty years and there are about two dozen connections I know I can go to and get trusted results if needed. Each of those connections has trusted connections and so forth.

I would focus on value versus volume. Trust is built by keeping your say do equation 1 to 1. With too many connections its impossible to manage and trust wanes. Money flows on trust.

The most valuable thing for me in my industry are the relationships and trust I have built over 30 years. I have helped connections reach their goals and make more money. When I call they pick up the phone and listen.

If you are looking at creating a more passive network I have found that short videos that bring a lot of value to the subject matter and create a great following. Using LinkedIn to connect to you YouTube or TickTock will help reinforce your brand and build credibility.

Great job on recognizing that networking is important. It's the fine details and maximizing that network that I could help you with.

Make it a great day!


Answered a year ago

The most important thing is to build meaningful relationships rather than have a lot of connections. Your 'connection' on LinkedIn may pass you by in real life without recognising you. Meaningful relationships always convert - one day or another. To build meaningful relationships, just show a sincere interest in a person and listen.
If you are looking for the ways to manage your network online, some tips:
- review who you follow on LinkedIn. If you will see the relevant content from relevant people - it will be easier to engage with them by liking, reposting, commenting their posts
- write posts with some useful information (reviews, small researches) and tag companies, people you want to engage with.

Answered a year ago

the best hack in networking is NOT TO SELL YOUR BUSINESS rather ask another person how you could help him or her and how you can add value to their businesses

Answered a year ago

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