How can I isolate knowledge or parts of the digital intelligence (code) to prevent employees from running away with our codebase and starting their own companies? I have four things in mind and would be happy for some feedback. 1. non-disclosure agreements - seem to me a rather short-term fix 2. cutting the codebase in two repositories to keep a few key parts "hidden" 3. if we ever become big enough it wouldn't be feasible to start anew; 4. brand might be the differentiator in other cases, though for some reasons, this won't apply here. Feedback appreciated.

Security including protecting intellectual properties comes in layers. I have been employed by several people on different projects and these are some things I noticed my employers did to protect their work.
Limit access to codes
Have a strong employee contract
Have very clear employee policies
Log and maintain permission and access

If there's need for further clarification feel free to call.

Answered a month ago

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