How to track Facebook ads properly with Kajabi - Kajabi Meta Pixel Integration

Hello everyone, I run an online course business using Kajabi and I can't get my Facebook pixel to track correctly. The number of leads and sales is always innacurate with our backend by a lot. Is there any expert with Kajabi or FB Pixel Tracking who can help me solve this issue? Do you guys recommend I use tracking software like Hyros or is there a way to make fb ads tracking still accurate in 2023


I bumped into similar problem a few months ago with a Shopify store, where sales reported were inflated. My suggestion is to start by installing "Pixel Helper" Chrome extension, then run the extension on your website (your page, not on your Kajabi account). Usually this Pixel Helper extension will tell you what you need to adjust in your Piixel Installation. Then you can take it from there. I am open for call for follow up questions.

Answered a year ago

How much are the numbers off what you are seeing? The numbers will always be inaccurate because Meta cannot track everyone post iOS14. We've had clients try Hyros but even those numbers did not line up perfectly. You can look into implementing the conversion API with Meta. Simplest and lowest cost method is to just keep a google spreadsheet with daily totals for all ad spend vs all leads vs all sales. Calculate your ROAS and CPA from there.

Answered 6 months ago

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