Hi guys I wanted to ask a quick question. I'm currently creating a few software apps which are based on rev share and I own IP of them. I wanted to ask 1. Do you know of any rev share marketing experts for apps? If anyone is interested in rev share partnership for our apps please let me know 2. At what point do you think I should look for funding? Do I need atleast 10,000 users for a social app, and for an app with revenue atleast £20k in revenue proof etc. I'm not sure when I should be seeking funding to really accelerate the growth.

I think if you're going to pursue a studio approach, you should assume that you will not be able to raise much in the way of outside equity funding.

Most investors do not want to invest in a team that is pursuing multiple projects at the same time for a variety of reasons.

To the extent that any of your apps have demonstrated any kind of initial traction, there is a reasonable chance that you can recruit competent growth professionals who could be compelled to take a big portion of upside, but I'd caution that true experts (as defined by people who have done it more than once at 100,000 plus users) would rather do this for their own app or be a cofounder in the overall venture so be careful about professionals who present themselves as experts who are all too willing to venture for a largely performance-driven deal.

With regards to proof points for funding, assuming you want to abandon all others in favor of the one that gets the most traction, I've written several related answers here on Clarity about the benchmarks for angel and seed funding so I encourage you to review my profile and look at previous answers. If you'd like to talk by phone, I'm happy to help.

Answered 8 years ago

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