For business advisors or coaches looking for new clients (and those considering hiring one), what characteristics or traits make for the right match?

There isn't a great platform that connects business advisors with entrepreneurs and - like a dating site - asks each side to answer some questions about their personalities, traits and interests to generate a good match between the client and the advisor. I am interested in building this platform but only if it helps make valuable connections between companies and advisors. Asking the right questions can (presumably) make better matches, so that's why I'm asking this community for their input in what questions we ought to ask. Getting the right advisor can make a huge difference in the success of a company. That's why a helpful matching platform can potentially help so many companies succeed.


Experience is the key. Never hire a guru who doesn't have at least some grey hair. Don't take this statement literally, but look for experience when choosing a coach. Not experience as a coach, but experience as a person, a business person, marketer, or related to any topic for which you are seeking advice. And most importantly, Never ask your barber if you need a hair cut.
Michael T. Irvin

Answered 8 years ago

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