My startup just launched a blog, and I am trying to build an audience. What distribution tactics will be effective?

Start by contributing a majority of your content to other blogs that already have an audience. (Also, create a really kick-ass bio with a link to your twitter handle and blog.) By gaining visibility in an already established community will make it easier for you to gain new quality subscribers and authority.
It is a process that takes time. Don't expect unique traffic to blow the roof off overnight, it just won't happen. Make sure you are consistently publishing really REALLY great content that people want to share. Make sure it passes your internal 'F*ck Yeah' filter ( *shameless plug*, and really nurture your community.
Consider other content forms to help with growth, like:
- Slideshare presentations
- guides, eBooks, whitepapers
- webinars and podcasts

Best of luck and enjoy the journey!

Answered 7 years ago

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