Is original content production the most important technique, or can brands benefit from curation as well? How?

Content curation can help businesses (1) build up a high-quality content pipeline and (2) establish a network among thought leaders in their industry. Content marketing is equal parts distribution and editorial. Curation through content syndication can help you hit both with one swing. Not to mention, syndication opportunities are typically reciprocal. When syndicating your content externally (for others to curate), ask for links to drive traffic back to your website. The concept is not new; rather, it has been a massive traffic driving strategy in the media/publishing industry (where I previously worked). We syndicated our content with larger media channels and were able to drive multiple millions of (free) pageviews a year (thanks to the level of scale at which we were producing stories). Happy to discuss further for anyone interested in the topic.

Answered 6 years ago

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