I want to hire a growth person to my startup, but I'm not sure whether to look for a 'growth hacker.' It seems like we're calling everything 'growth hacking' these days. What is the difference between growth hackers and growth marketers?

Why do you want to hire for growth right now? Do you have product/market-fit and you've had growth from existing initiatives but can't break past a certain point? If so, then adding to your team someone who is either a traditional marketer but has evolved their skill-set to be able to test and measure everything they do in rapid iterative cycles, or someone who has strong product experience and has led technical and design talent to grow and retain a user-base and can articulate exactly how their efforts helped in that success, could be a good investment.

Or do you think that this person is going to be some kind of magic bullet who will solve current product/market-fit issues? Obviously I don't know anything about you or your business but based purely on the way you're stating the question, my concern is whether this desire to hire is the best decision for you.

Instead of looking for the differences between two silly buzzwords, always ask yourself first: What is that I need, why is it that I think I need this and how can I best confirm that this is the best path for me, before investing a lot. There should be a lot of experimentation you can do on your own or with the help of a moderate amount of consulting hours that determines whether an investment in a full-time employee focused on growth and/or awareness is a prudent investment at this time.

Happy to talk to you about where you're at and provide you my perspective on your current stage.

Answered 7 years ago

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