I want to hire a growth person to my startup, but I'm not sure whether to look for a 'growth hacker.' It seems like we're calling everything 'growth hacking' these days. What is the difference between growth hackers and growth marketers?

The main difference between a growth hacker and a growth marketer is the fact that growth marketing has nothing to do with growth hacking!

For industry professionals that really understand what these terms mean, the term growth marketer means a marketing expert that specializes in growth. A growth marketer will utilize tactics that are designed to promote brand engagement over the long-term.

Growth hacking is not actually about marketing at all. Growth hackers utilize engineering techniques to "hack" their way to a solution that provides a nearly instantaneous return.

With regard to who you might want for your team, you will want to make sure that your marketing team includes people that thoroughly understand branding and business growth principles.

As far as getting immediate traction for your products or services, you might want a UX engineer that has experience with growth hacking to help spread the word about your company in an exponential manner.

I would be happy to continue the conversation to help you develop your team.

Answered 5 years ago

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