We have marketed through all channels( twitter/fb/word of mouth) but have a fair bit of hiccups gaining new clients. Being a startup in the space(ICUBEC INC. ), we lack the necessary funding to go through the 'Clarity call request system' at this point. So we were looking for alternatives to connect to you to gain advice on traction/obtaining new customers and we would be willing to spread the word through our Media/Connections. Please suggest. - Sean (Email - CEO and Founder

Given that you are marketing your ability to build websites and mobile apps, your website lacks a lot of credibility as compared to other vendors offering similar services. A few specific examples:

Links to what might be apps that your firm has previously built, link to almost illegible screenshots of appstore listings. This shows poor design decisions and raises significant concerns about why you chose to do this.

Too much text that says nothing. There is a lot of text throughout your site that for all of its verbosity doesn't give much detail about what you do, why you're the best at it, and why you should be trusted.

No customer testimonials. This is a big red flag.

Generally, the website does nothing to inspire confidence that your firm is a quality provider of the services you are offering.

I would suggest you focus on simplifying your website significantly, emphasizing whatever recent projects you have done where your customers are willing to offer written testimonials, and link directly to the sites and/or mobile apps.

Answered 6 years ago

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