I have developed and launched an app and am looking for advice on marketing it.

I have worked with Facebook to get it rolling, using this as a test for the next step - iAds. I am looking for advice on other ways to promote and market the app.


Facebook is a good start, but you might find iAds a little pricey when just starting since I assume you don't have all your metrics down yet, like LTV, ARPU, etc. These are very important since you'll know what you can afford to spend to acquire each user.

As next steps there are many networks I could suggest, depending on what your app is, including InMobi, Millennial, Ad Colony, Aarki, Greystripe, etc.

Answered 10 years ago

Great question! Facebook is a good start since you can target your audience and measure your results.

Since you recently launched your app, I'd recommend a mini-launch campaign around it. You can put together a variety of marketing tactics that all work together to spread the word about your new app.

For example, reaching out to app review websites, sending a press release, working on your App Store Optimization, and more.

Would be glad to talk any time and explain more.

Answered 10 years ago

Hi there,
I take it that the app is already live in the App Store. If you didn't map out and execute a launch strategy, then you might consider doing a "re-launch" of sorts around an update to the app.

There are a number of tactics that can be really effective for boosting organic downloads—two examples: a long-tail keyword strategy for your ASO and press release with extended release through

That being said: I agree with Slaven. I'd be slow to spend money on Facebook, iAd, and other campaigns until you've benchmarked your average revenue per user (ARPU). Otherwise, you run the risk of simply flushing your money because your installs aren't making back the money you spent on them. I just finished writing an app marketing guide for iOS developers, so all this stuff is pretty fresh.

Let me know if you want help mapping out your strategy and tactics.


Answered 10 years ago

Every first-time developer inevitably asks you same question. Luckily for you it has been answered many times (you can check my website/blog).
There are many "things" you can do, odds are you should be doing anything you can to promote your app. However, as I imagine budget and time might be limited, you need to prioritize based on target demographic and type of app.
Without having further details, you should definitely try Facebook (to narrow down your target demographic), and push on ASO (to see what keywords trigger your downloads).
As a second step, find online communities reflecting your findings.
third, I'd push with more structured user acquisition platforms which will take care of finding the best balances.
For more information, feel free to reach out to me.

Answered 10 years ago

What else do you have up and running? A website? We usually recommend a combination of blogging, guest blogging (for other sites), social and email marketing.

If that all sounds like too much, start by reaching out to popular bloggers whose audiences might be interested. Make sure you have a way to capture info from folks who then visit your site though.

Good luck!

Answered 10 years ago

Hi there, just like other mentioned, ASO is really a good start for app promotion, here are some details on how to conduct app store optimization:
· Keywords Research - when you choose keywords, you should take relevance, competition, and traffic into consideration.
· Add Important Keyword in App Title - the App Title has more weight in the algorithm, which can improve your app ranking by 10.3%.
· In-App Purchases - In iOS App Store, the names of in-app purchases (IAP) are indexed in the app store search.
· Buy Keyword Search Installs - Buying keyword search installs, which can improve your app ranking in hours, highly recommend.
· Get 4/5-Star Ratings and reviews - Ratings and reviews also play important parts in the rank algorithm, helping you show up for relevant key terms.(Reviewapp4u - provides this kind of service)
· Reduce App Size
· App Updates

Cooperating with influencers is also a good way to promote app, because most people are easily influenced by the words of the influencers. These people may include influential bloggers, newspaper journalists, professional tech writers in a social network like Facebook or Twitter.

Consider Alterative App Stores - Data shows that, if an app is submitted to other relatively less popular stores, it will increase the expected downloads 200% more compared to Google Play.Besides Google Play & App Store; there are various other app stores on the online market where you can upload your app, such as Amazon Appstore, GetJar, SlideMe and ,AppBrain.

Hope the 4 methods are useful to you.

Answered 7 years ago

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