Up until now I have thought about ideas in the following ways: -what pain points do I experience? What are the potential solutions? -what software is horrible to use? How can I improve it? -what is an old industry that needs disrupting or a market that most people aren't thinking about? -what would be a 'cool' idea or product? Something I would love to use? -what am I most passionate about in life? ...the list goes on and on. Bottom line, I keep searching and searching, but I can't find the right idea that I would feel excited about working on for the next 5 years. A lot of people say "it's not the idea, it's the execution". I agree 100%, however I'm afraid if I pick the wrong idea my efforts will yield a much smaller result. Whereas, if I focused on a good idea the whole process of driving success would be easier. Sometimes I wish God would just slap me in the face with a good idea to work on. I know once I get started on an idea that I am passionate about I'll make sure wholeheartedly that the business is successful. However, getting off the ground just seems like an eternity. Any suggestions on how I should be thinking about the idea generation process? Or better yet, do you have any ideas that you would like to work on, but don't have time and you think I should work on? Your help / advice is greatly appreciated.


My name is Mijael Feldman, im Co founder of BOMBAcamp, a lean startup accelerator for early stage startups.

First of all, to get the right idea you should experiment a lot with your ideas until you get a signal from the market (yes the market and not god).

Think about what problem for what little customer segment (segment by behaviour and common pain) and start talking with them to see if your assumption about what is their real problem. Do it fast! If you ser that there is no problem worth to be solved, see why and change problem to be solved or customer segment.

You are going to waste your time if you choose an idea and start building based on assumptions. If you start talking with your potential customers there is less probabilities you are going to waste your time.

If you want to talk deeper about how and where to start, lets get a call!

Stay awesome!

Answered 7 years ago

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