Up until now I have thought about ideas in the following ways: -what pain points do I experience? What are the potential solutions? -what software is horrible to use? How can I improve it? -what is an old industry that needs disrupting or a market that most people aren't thinking about? -what would be a 'cool' idea or product? Something I would love to use? -what am I most passionate about in life? ...the list goes on and on. Bottom line, I keep searching and searching, but I can't find the right idea that I would feel excited about working on for the next 5 years. A lot of people say "it's not the idea, it's the execution". I agree 100%, however I'm afraid if I pick the wrong idea my efforts will yield a much smaller result. Whereas, if I focused on a good idea the whole process of driving success would be easier. Sometimes I wish God would just slap me in the face with a good idea to work on. I know once I get started on an idea that I am passionate about I'll make sure wholeheartedly that the business is successful. However, getting off the ground just seems like an eternity. Any suggestions on how I should be thinking about the idea generation process? Or better yet, do you have any ideas that you would like to work on, but don't have time and you think I should work on? Your help / advice is greatly appreciated.

I have the opposite problem -- a thousand and one ideas I'd love to get my hands on ... but only 2 hands. However, what I'm personally passionate about and/or qualified to work on won't necessarily be what you'd succeed at and enjoy.

What shortcuts have you already invented for yourself? I mean things that you already do instinctively to shorten a process but which nobody else knows about.

What communities, business fields, or hobby groups are you already a part of? Are they unified by destination sites, dominant brands, common subscriptions, and tools that they all use? Or are they scattered? Do they go to a particular source of information already, or do they ask to each other for recommendations? If the latter, then there may be an opportunity to unify information and services under a single umbrella.

Perhaps this sounds more like social media than software dev. But before building new enterprise software, the user base should be clearly identifiable -- even familiar.

2 cents for what that's worth. Good luck!

Answered 7 years ago

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