Many large companies worry about investing in a product or service provided by a small company. They fear you don't have the staying power. We are only 10 employees but we have many customer success stories including some very large companies. Looking for unique ideas on how to answer this question in a way that plays more to our benefit.

A lot depends on what you are selling. If it's somewhat of a low risk proposition, going with a small company may not be as much of an issue. If you're looking at a higher risk/exposure product or service, a large company will want to make sure you're well capitalized, will back up your product or service, can scale and provide quick response when there are problems. Think of it this way; You're an executive at a large company and you have to meet deadlines and deliver or management is going to be on your back. Do you risk going with a small provider who may have all the issues discussed above or do you go with a large provider with deep pockets and more extensive resources? The best approach for a small company is to really show expertise and quality in your product or service over and above your competitors. You can try to play bigger than you are, but being upfront and really micro-focusing on solving their problems is usually the best approach. The more comfortable they get with your ability to address their problem better than anyone else, the easier the other objections will fall away.

Answered 7 years ago

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