I have an idea and I am looking to take it to the next step by developing a MVP. What do you recommend I do? Hire a freelance web developer, find a co-founder, find a mentor?

No one has the answers that you seek (that sounds like Jedi)...

You have to understand your own skills and abilities -- and where your ability and the demand in the market cross paths...

The simple answer:
1. Follow your own instincts and do things differently than others
2. Save all your money - like seriously don't buy anything you don't need
3. Get your financial education first (this is where a mentor can speed up the process)
4. Invest your money wisely and prove you can manage it
5. Now start a business

But no one wants to follow that path because it "seems" too slow.

First off - remember that no one will ever do it for you. And no one will ever have the recipe that you need because there is no perfect recipe. Business is as much an artform as it is science. There are many ways to win and more ways to lose. Think about improving yourself first and foremost. Learn as much as you can about money first. Then go for your passion. For most entrepreneurs, they refuse to get the financial education first, so they dive in head first and learn through massive failure. This is a painful path but if you are persistent and willing to grow, you'll eventually get there. Other Clarity members mention getting a mentor. As a youngster you have both an advantage and disadvantage. Older people will think your "ideas" are cute and they will be patient with you when you fail...on the other hand, most successful people do not spend time with people like you because they know 99.9% of you are posers. You think you want a business, for this minute. Then you want to go party and watch TV and be a "consumer" psychologically. So smart people make you prove that you can do all these basic self-discipline steps on your own first. Call the Small Business Association and go through all their steps first -- then you will have proven you even deserve to get a mentor. Likewise, you can shortcut the whole thing if you or your family is connected to generous wealthy people. Call them up, ask them if you can share an idea with them over lunch to get their feedback. After doing this 30 times, some awesome person will volunteer to help you and the doors will open from there. Never give up. Be patient.

Another path is follow "Think and Grow Rich" exactly. Napoleon Hill lays out a recipe for success, but most people are too lazy or have too little willpower to follow it.

Your best bet in my humble opinion:
If you want to build a MVP - ask someone to loan you money and buy the AppSumo course for starting a business. In fact, email Noah Kagan and demand a copy. Tell him that you will pay him back with interest when you make your money back from his course. Appeal to his honor and passion as an entrepreneur and just get his damn course already. Watch the Youtube videos with Noah and Tim Ferriss. This is the way to bootstrap a MVP in the modern age. Don't re-invent the wheel. Use tried and true recipes that have already worked for others just give it your unique spin. Even if you can't convince him to help, you will learn a lot in the process -- I promise he will give you that.

If you want to be a business owner, you have to start thinking about all the reasons you can win (like convincing Noah so you can keep your money to start your business) and just get to work. Everyone will tell you that you will fail. Just smile and remember that no one has the answers ;-)

Oh yeah, and when you have money to take it to the next level, then pay a Clarity coach (NOT YET). See above how Kevin extended a free invitation to talk? Take him up on it and prove to yourself that you will take action. Prove to yourself that you are serious. Prove that you are willing to do the work instead of getting stuck thinking too much.

Answered 7 years ago

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