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We can't change someone's personality, attempting to do so is a waste of energy, a waste of time, and definitely a lost cause. Put your time and effort into someone else!

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Let's talk about burnout when you’re nearly at the end of your Startup journey. Every sacrifice and risk you’ve taken will become useless if you feel tired and decide to take a break at the most crucial time and that’s when you’re at the last step of closing the deal.

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There always comes a time when you need to part ways with people. Every bad "breakup" can seriously damage your reputation by any means possible simply because some harbor vindictive emotions and speak negatively against you. What can you do then to avoid that?

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A lot of us are used to hearing people telling us what we should and shouldn’t do, what we can and cannot achieve just because these people have tried it or have been in a similar situation. What they don’t realize though is what works for them may not work for you, and vice versa.

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Meet the hosts
Wil SchroterFounder + CEO,

Wil is a serial Founder having launched 9 companies over 25+ years, 3 being venture funded and 4 having been sold. He generally argues that Founders need to take a much different view of how to build startups.

Ryan RutanFounding Partner + CMO,

Ryan is a serial founder with 5 companies spanning 3 continents, 20 years and 2 exits. He generally argues with Wil.

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