The 9 Best Growth Agencies for Startups

Looking to scale up your startup? Choosing the right growth agency is crucial to avoid wasting time and money. Check out this curated list of top 9 startup agencies to kickstart your search and propel your business forward.

March 29th, 2024   |    By: Ryan Rutan

What an exciting moment! You’re looking to scale up your startup and need to bring in a growth agency to help you do that. But, it’s a big decision. Choosing the wrong agency will lead to months of delayed growth, thousands of dollars in wasted spend, and difficult conversations down the line trying to understand where it all went wrong.

This means it is vitally important you make the right decision from the get-go. There are hundreds of marketing agencies out there, but if you are in the startup phase of growth I’d recommend going with a startup growth agency that has experience in the earlier stages.

I have done some of the research for you by putting together a list of the top 9 startup agencies I know deliver great results. So, at least it is a good starting place for you.

Choosing the right agency is very unique to your business. I’ve put a list together of growth agencies that specialize in scaling startups, but it’s up to you to find out which one (if any) of the below is right for your startup.

Growth Division


Founded: 2019


Overview: Over the last 5 years, Growth Division has worked with over 100 startups and has some impressive stats for scaling startups from early rounds to Series A. The founders are startup founders themselves and built Growth Division from that experience, understanding the need for flexibility and the use of experts in the early stages of growing a business.

Value proposition: Growth Division scales pre-seed and seed-stage startups through their community of channel-specific freelance growth experts.

Clients include: Weavr,, Oddbox, Seedlegals, Prolific, Tutorful, Makers

Client Testimonial: "We’ve achieved €1m of extra sales in less than 6 months and are generating 4x our monthly revenue before we were working with Growth Division. We have achieved massive growth with them. The best thing about working with Growth Division is guaranteed results each month, they just keep delivering tangible results. So I highly recommend working with them." — Lee Comerford, Co-founder of Eat Sleep Cycle. You can see over 20 five-star reviews here.



Founded: 2016


Overview: For a long while now, Ladder has been recognized as one of the leading growth firms. It was originally a spin-out from the behemoth Publicis Groupe. Their experience spans growth-stage startups all the way up to globally recognized brands.

Value proposition: Ladder is focused on bringing a more scientific approach to marketing they help businesses stop guessing and start using their data more effectively to make decisions.

Clients include: Travelex, Monzo, Timeout,, Nestle

Client Testimonial: “We’re the 3rd largest eCommerce in the world and leaders in performance marketing. Ladder’s strategic way of thinking – of building and launching testing – that helped even a company of our level.” — Global Head of Marketing at



Founded: 2015


Overview: mvpGrow covers every possible service you get from an in-house marketing and sales development department, mvpGrow allows you to pick and choose the right service for your b2b marketing operations including fractional CMO, SEO, content management, campaign management, SDR as a service, CRM operations management, and more.

Value proposition: mvpGrow is an on-demand marketing department for B2B companies

Clients include: Adngin, Connecteam, OktoPost, TechSee, Tomorrow

Client Testimonial: “If you need someone to help you find the best product-market fit and take ownership of your marketing operation Eyal’s one of the best I’ve met.” — CEO of Adngin

Growth Rocks


Founded: 2014


Overview: GrowthRocks is a holistic consulting firm for startups, as well as for established companies, that helps startups and mature companies achieve rapid and sustainable growth. It is headquartered and operated in London.

GrowthRocks’ services cover the full spectrum of growth marketing from growth strategy to execution and continuous support.

Having founded, scaled, and exited 4 startups of their own, the co-founders of GrowthRocks understand that marketing doesn’t run in silos and that all activities should be coherent and consistent.

Value proposition: For growth-led companies (or product-led companies) looking for an agency that will cover both, their strategizing, consulting, and execution needs.

Clients include: GE, Damex, Sundance, GreenNation, Nestle, Fedex, Moveo, gocharlie, and more.

Client Testimonial: “Previously, we engaged four separate agencies to address various functions of our marketing requirements. Since partnering with GrowthRocks, we've been able to centralize all these services—from web development and social selling to product-led growth—under one roof. This shift has not only provided us with a unified point of contact but has also led to consistently solid results. Our projects are now prioritized and managed based on our company's specific needs, rather than being influenced by the varying specializations of multiple agencies.”



Founded: 2016

Overview: NoGood, born in New York City, is a leading expert in growth and performance marketing. Their team, made up of growth leads, creatives, engineers, and data scientists, is devoted to helping the world's most iconic brands and up-and-coming startups achieve significant growth.

Value proposition: NoGood, recognized by TechCrunch as a verified expert growth marketing agency, operates at the intersection of growth science and creativity. Partnering with NoGood means gaining access to a handpicked team of experts dedicated to understanding your business and driving its growth to its fullest potential. They are committed to increasing their clients’ revenue by leveraging insights from successful experiments and continuously refining their strategies. With a range of services, including growth analytics, PPC, social ads, SEO, content marketing, and CRO, NoGood equips businesses with everything they need to reach their growth goals.

Clients include: SteelSeries, Payzer, Spring Health

Client Testimonial: “We’ve gone through multiple agencies and NoGood is by far one of the best. The NoGood squad worked tirelessly and with great patience to transform our inbound strategies, creating a scalable framework for lead and demand generation. They introduced us to a new and more efficient method of engaging, monitoring performance, and nurturing our prospects. Their commitment to quality and a data-driven mindset made them an ideal partner for our needs.” — Jasmine W. Director of growth marketing for ByteDance.




Founded: 2013

Overview: Mobile app marketing agency working with the world's challenge brands.

Value proposition: Kurve has a proven history of turning brands into category leaders. They have experience onboarding 7% of the Brazilian population in 7 days for a client by leveraging user-generated content with performance marketing. Their case studies speak for themselves.

Clients include: Sweatcoin, Treecard, Nutmeg, Wonga

Client Testimonial: “Implementing Kurve’s ASO insights at the time of our launch in Japan enabled us to create a familiar and native brand perception in this new market. Our high-converting App Store listing accelerated our growth and helped us scale successfully.” — Head of Growth at Sweatcoin



Founded: 2016

Overview: We Scale Startups is a growth agency specializing in helping seed-stage companies and beyond reach sustainable growth. We develop clear, actionable strategies based on a deep understanding of your customers, the problems you solve, and the market environment.

Value proposition: We help early-stage startups and established businesses build a strong base of engaged customers who love your product. Our approach begins with truly understanding your customer, the competitive landscape, and what makes your products and services unique. We then use data-driven experimentation to quickly identify the most effective ways to reach your target audience.

Clients include: Google, Newsflare, the University of Cambridge

Client Testimonial: "We Scale Startups demonstrates their expertise through tangible results. They have a knack for looking at growth challenges both strategically and in detail." — Anthony Gale, CEO at ShopRocket

Skalski Growth


Founded: 2014

Overview: Skalski Growth is your growth marketing team to deliver quick wins and lasting revenue growth. Their expertise lies in four key areas: Growth Strategy, Performance Marketing, Actionable Analytics, and Marketing Technology. Since 2014, they have worked with over 100 startups and companies

Value proposition: Deep expertise in SEO and SEM, coupled with advanced data analysis skills, and international market expertise, makes us the go-to partner for early-stage B2B and tech startups aiming to scale globally or in specific geographies.

Clients include: Brainly, Luxury Retreats (now: Airbnb Luxe),, Omnipack, Pomelody

Client Testimonial: "During three months of working together, our weekly revenue increased by 54%, traffic by 87%, organic search traffic by 83%, and our SEM became profitable, allowing us to increase spending.

They felt like a part of our team, helping us on many fronts—from strategy and analytics setup to paid and organic channels. They are very results-oriented. Additionally, every week, they presented us with new and insightful learnings about our business. Working with them was a big upgrade in comparison to our previous experiences with digital agencies and freelancers." — Maxim Latysov, Co-Founder at ImagineMe

Neil Patel


Founded: 2017

Overview: Neil Patel has been recognized by the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and the United Nations, to name a few, as one of the most influential and successful marketers and entrepreneurs in the world. NP Digital is the award-winning digital marketing agency that brings his passion and insights to life for the world’s more important brands. They focus on creating innovative, adaptive, and data-driven digital marketing plans.

They are an Adweek Fastest Growing Company, Media Post Agency of the Year and 2-time Inc. Best Workplaces recipient.

Value proposition: They are companies grow by delivering on the mission of continually helping brands connect and engage with their audience. They combine proprietary platforms with best-in-class talent to deliver leading-edge experiences centered around: paid and organic search, social media, influencer marketing, content, retargeting, performance display, feed management, email marketing, and conversion rate optimization.

Clients include: Adobe, Linked In, Western Union, Stripe, Louis Vuitton, Amazon, CNN, SoFi

Client testimonial: “You guys are the smartest team I’ve worked with.” — AJ Smith, SoFi

“Your rigor and approach have been impressive.” — Amanda Valle, Adobe

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