9 - Advanced: More on using themes

Theme settings allow you to keep a consistent color scheme and style throughout your page. To change your theme settings, navigate to the Builder section. At the top you will see the Theme tab.

Color Palette

The Color Palette dictates which colors will be available for use in the Style menu of all your Blocks. There are two ways of editing your color palette:

  1. Preset: You can use one of our own preset color palettes. To do this, click on Edit, next to the Color Palette label.
  2. Custom: If you would like to use your own color palette, click on each individual color square. A dialog will appear, allowing you to choose your preferred color from a variety of sources.

Once you've changed the original Color Palette, you'll see Undo and Redo buttons appear. You can use these button to undo or redo any changes you've made to the Color Palette.

Page Background

By pressing the Edit button next to the Page Background label, you will be able to change your landing page's background. You may choose a solid background color or an image. (Available colors will depend on your Color Palette, see above) 

Background Image To change your template's preset background image, hover over the preview image in the menu, you will see an "X" appear, which will delete the background image. 

To add a background image to a black background, click on the "Pick A File" button at the bottom of the Page Background Edit menu. A dialog will pop-up from which you can choose an image stored in your computer. After adding a background image, you will see a variety of menu options allowing you to change the way your image is displayed across the website. 

Fonts The Font menu allows you to set standard fonts for the Heading 1, Heading 2 and Paragraph elements throughout your entire website. To edit a font, click on the Edit, next to the appropriate label. Font Sizes At the top of the Edit Font menu, you will see three screen sizes. From left to right these are a mobile phone, a tablet and a computer. 

You may set the standard font size for these screens below each image. Font Family The Font Family list shows fonts you may assign to the elements in your landing page. You may search for available font families using the search function. You may also click on "Recent" to see your recently used fonts. 

Forms The Form Menu allows you to set the standard appearance of form blocks throughout your landing page. To edit form appearance, click on Edit next to the Forms label. A menu with style options will appear.(Available colors will depend on your Color Palette, see above) There are two sections, Input Style and Button Style. Input Style will change the style of the input text area in all your forms, while Button Style will change the style of all form buttons. You will be able to see a live preview of both areas on the left side of the edit menu, under the main Form section.

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