1 - Basics: Signing Up

If you haven’t signed up for Launchrock yet, it’s super simple. Just go to and click on GET STARTED or click here to start now.

You’ll fill out a few personal details, select a project type, choose a project name and an industry, and then click create account.

Keep in mind when selecting your project name that this will be the name used in your Launchrock domain name. For example - if your project name is supercheese - your Launchrock domain name will be No, there’s nothing there now - sorry Super Cheese Fans.

You’ll then be able to choose between creating a free starter site, or upgrading to Pro. With Pro you’ll remove all Launchrock branding from your site, have the ability to use your own .com or other top level domain name, as well as using CSS and HTML code to customize your Launchrock site!

In our next article we’ll go through choosing a template and the basics of setting up your first Launchrock site. Rock on!

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