CNAME: General instructions for creating your CNAME record

You must create the required CNAME record in your Domain Host's DNS controls

These are general instructions. You can get instructions specific to your Domain Host.

  1. Sign in to your Domain Host's admin panel
  2. Open the DNS management page 
  • aka Domain Manager, Name Server Management etc.

  • You might have to enable advanced settings to access this page.

  • Create a new CNAME record 

  • In the Host Name/Alias field:

  • enter the subdomain from your URL

  • If you put '' in your LaunchRock Domain Settings, enter 'signup'

  • In the Value / Destination field:

  • enter

  • Save the new settings

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Once you've modified your CNAME records, it may take up to 72 hours for changes to update live

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