How To Test If Your Domain Settings / CNAME / A Record Are Correctly Configured using the 'Check' Test Buttons

You can check whether your CNAME and/or A Records are correctly configured yourself using the Check CNAME and Check A Record buttons found in 'Step 5 - Domain Settings' of the LaunchRock Site Builder.

To Test:

  1. Log in to your LaunchRock page

  2. Click on Step 5 - Domain Settings

  1. To Check your CNAME, click the 'Check CNAME' button

  1. To Check your A Record, scroll down and click the 'Check A Record' button

  2. If the button opens up a Red Error message, the record you are testing is not correctly configured  - you need to log into your DNS controls and reconfigure them.  Locate your DNS provider here for detailed instructions on setting up CNAME and A Records

This image shows a positive test for a correctly configured  CNAME (a positive test will look the same for a positive Check A Record test)

This image shows the error message for an incorrectly configured A Record (the error message will look the same for a negative Check CNAME test)

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