NameCheap: A Record Instructions

Editing your A Record points your base domain (e.g. to your LaunchRock page.

  1. Log into your account at NameCheap 
  2. Click Manage Domains 
  3. Click the domain you wish to set the A Record for 
  4. Click All Host Records on the left. 
  5. Under the Host Name column Locate the @ line. 
  6. Type in the IP Address/URL field.
  7. Choose A (Address) in the Record Type menu 
  8. Click Save Changes 

Note: To increase reliability you should create four A records and point each one to a different LaunchRock IP address:


Congratulations! Your A record is now configured to point to LaunchRock.

If you have trouble editing your A Records, you can check out the NameCheap tutorial page Or, view a sample message to use when you contact NameCheap for further assistance

A CNAME record is required for your hosted Landing Page. Create your NameCheap CNAME record.

Once you've modified your A records, it may take up to 72 hours for changes to update live.

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