Overview: What is LaunchRock?

Launchrock is more than just an industry leading site builder dedicated to early customer acquisition and audience growth - we're a community of over 1,000,000 Startups and 21,000,000 customers. You're welcome.

  • LaunchRock pages help incentivize and reward users for telling others about your project through email & their social networks via our built-in sharing tools.
  • LaunchRock helps you understand your potential customers and allows you to see useful information on user signups, site traffic, and demographics through the admin €œInsights tab.
  • LaunchRock helps you begin building a relationship with the customers you acquire through email.

In other words, we help you Rock your Launch!

Start with a free account and begin building your page in minutes here: 

There are no hidden fees, and you can collect unlimited emails.

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