Natalie RockallI'm an email marketing specialist

I help entrepreneurs, startups & anyone who runs their own business with their email campaigns. If you don't know where to start I can help you choose which email tools to use, how to build your list and what and when to send.

If you're already sending emails out and have hit a hurdle or want to increase your open rates and click through rates to get more visits to your website, quotes coming in or get more sales though the door I can help.

Essentially I'll help you reach your email marketing goals quicker, easier and with less stress.

My background is over 14 years working with Blue Chip organisations such as The Body Shop UK, MORE TH>N Insurance, EDF Energy and several travel companies such as Hayes & Jarvis. During this time I working on getting their email marketing set up, coaching teams, deleveloping strategies and optimisation to help them make more money and communicate effectively with their base.

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I agree with David. Purchased records typically are poor quality, old and full of spam traps so it's not recommended to send email campaigns to these records through your own email account as it can have a negative effect on your deliverability, and therefore put any other campaigns you have running at risk.

Plus there is always the question of exactly what permissions these people gave when handing over their email address. You'd want to be absolutely sure the appropriate permissions are in place - if not then your brand could be put at risk.

There are companies who will allow you to buy advertising space in their email campaigns, that might be a better route if you don't have your own list yet but it's always best to start collecting email addresses yourself as soon as possible. Organic data will outperform purchased data every time.

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