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Depending on how much time you'll be devoting to the digital marketing program and tasks like content creation, our preference as an agency is to have a client that has a dedicated internal marketing person to support the communication and feedback that we need as an agency.

If you're at a budget level where it's either one or the other (in-house vs agency), then I think the decision needs to be based upon the level of time you have to dedicate to the program. If you have a lot of time to spare (more than 15 hrs per month) then hiring an outside agency is a good way to divvy up the workload and have the agency help you prioritize strategy and what you're working on.

If you don't have time to dedicate, then the decision should be based upon your expertise to manage an internal person. If you have a basic SEO skill level, and you can't afford a full-time senior SEO role, then you'll probably want to bring in an agency to make sure someone with the proper expertise is prioritizing efforts for the fastest results.

Happy to chat if you have questions on the decision process.

-Kane Jamison

Hey there,

Facebook ad targeting options are always changing, so it's possible that they've removed that Behavior option for a variety of lessons.

The easiest way to substitute this functionality would be to use Interests instead of Behaviors, and go after fans of Big & Tall, Casual Male XL, and other similar retail stores.

If it's helpful, we've put together a complete guide on every Facebook Ad Targeting option currently available at http://www.contentharmony.com/blog/facebook-ad-targeting/ . This page is easier to search than hunting through the entire Facebook ad interface.

Good luck!

If this content is totally duplicate and they already have theirs indexed (with a bigger site), you'll want to keep these as "noindex, follow" with your meta robots tag. But, one of you should be the "owner" of that content and keep it indexed, not both of you. That will depend on A) who actually created the content and B) who should own the content and traffic. When your rev share expires, whoever gets to keep the content should be the one that has it indexed.

You also have the option of telling Google not to crawl these pages using your robots.txt file. The downside to this is that noindexed content can still pass link value to other pages of your website, but not if they can't crawl the noindexed pages. The upside to this is that it gives Google more time to crawl your other webpages which are actually indexed. This is related to the concepts of crawl budget (how much Google is willing to crawl your site over a time period) and crawl prioritization (making sure they crawl the good stuff).

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