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Passions: Education, Business Development, Nonprofit Management.
Skills: Fund Development, Content Development, Social Media Management, Business Design

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Word-of-mouth! If you can get your clients to tell others about your services, you will win. Social media, advertising, and buzz are good ways to spread word about your salon, but buzz stands out.

Instead of marketing, study design thinking. Most business plans want market demographics, while design thinking requires empathy and listening to the test market. I am using design thinking to drive my newest startup, and I believe I will excel, because I have listened to people - not collected data.

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Create a marketing strategy that provides a strong ability to retain clientele loving your mindset. Social media, e-mail newsletters, etc. are a wise move. Don't seek out instant success, it will be a slow drip.

Don't forget old-fashioned networking. Attend a business networking group, preferable one that charges a considerable fee as a guest of a member, and get introduced to other business leaders. I have a contact who freelances, and she obtains leads via this method.

I consult for private, independent, and faith-based schools. The majority of affluent parents have access to independent schools, where students are given an extreme amount of college and career guidance in middle and high schools. I would be cautious of your practice - as most of the young people already have their careers chosen by 9th grade. On the flip side, private college consultants may be able to assist you in your reach for parents.

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