Laura FraserExec Chef/Consultant/Marketing

Chef - 25 years
Consultant (Restaurant) -15 years
Social Media Restaurant Strategist - 10 years
Online Marketing for Restaurant, Bars, Events - 10 years

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Facebook ads are heavily influenced by your 'keywords'. For every ad you identify and carefully implement key words and and also pinpoint where (as in geographical location) you're targeting.

For whatever reason, Quotes are immensely popular and one of the highest searched terms on Search Engines.
Now, because there are countless Apps already, you'd definitely need to monetize with advertising or perhaps implementing something that the user could personalize the quotes with. Pictures, backgrounds, etc

I actually helped a cousin open a very successful Mini Putt with Snack Stand that made money in it's first year and onward. Perhaps I can assist?

You want to grab their attention quickly.
Instagram obviously is a photo or quick video platform so that photo or video needs to grab a users attention immediately and make them want to either click on your business link or reply asking for more information etc.
Instagram can be a tough way to monetize in comparison to other Social Media platforms, but if done successfully it's definitely doable!!

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