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Too much time spent on reporting and not enough time on analysis. And not enough attention paid to recomendation often due to lack of processes. Inaccurate data from poor implementation. Lack of documentation and planning towards data processes.

Definitely sharing vision is a big one. I would also add someone who shares similar values and ideally who's done what you're looking to do. Finding the right mentor takes lots of time and effort, and having the right mentor will make the journey a lot easier.

In order to better answer this question, we'll need some clarification on the goal/project.

DO you mean the 100 question and dev is the project or the channel to raise the fund?

What's the difference? The channel would mean it is the marketing method in which you raise the fund meaning that the project may be a different thing altogether.

As to method of delivery, depends if you are taking into consideration time and development costs. A PDF have minimal need for dev, while a website can be put together easily with readily available blogging CMS such as wordpress, but your mobile app has a significant amount of technical requirements from UI to functionality coding.

Also, consider HOW you plan to raise the funds? Are you asking for donations? banking on adsense revenue? selling ad space? or even selling an ebook? All of which needs to be considered in order to better decide which medium to deliver it with.

Hopefully this helps, glad to have a call to discuss more.

I somewhat disagree. I'm also a non-technical cofounder and have searched around for tech cofounder. After talking to many people, I've come to the conclusion that it's more important to have someone who has the passion and is willing to work alongside you.

I've had the experience of being abandoned by a great programmer at the very last minute when he was uppos e to deliver. You need to find somoeone who would be willing ot take some risk wit you. But let's face it most tech guys aren't well known for their adventurous sides, so you'll really have to look hard.

You can always reach out to your network know you are looking, let other people know and recommend someone. Or finally (depending on your product) perhaps even consider hiring development until you find your ideal match. Don't settle to save a few mucks, most likely you end with more if you work with someone you trust.

Rememer, the best tech guy doesn't make them the ideal partner.

Depending if the site has already been built and is going through a redesign VS building a brand new site is very different processes.

Joe points out some critical starting point questions thaty you should have clear answers for in order for you to design with the user in mind.

Much of what we're talking about is building UI design from usability and information architecture methodologies to create the site.

The next step to optimization is to look at site performance and determining if there are areas of improvement which can improve your funnel or optimize your sales and test for varying designs (based on your hypothesis) and use analytics to answer your questions.

Lastly, it's looking into the marketing optimizations where you evaluate marketing ROI, testing of landing pages, and evaluate various marketing channels.

Experts above all offer great information on what to pay attention to. But as mentioned, without details, we are all just making assumptions.

Feel free to schedule a call to discuss further.

The short answer to your question is YES YOU CAN USE GOOGLE ANALYTICS. But to be exact, you will need to develop a script to connect to the GA Reporting analytics to extract segmented data.

There would be 3 major components to this functionality.
1. dashboard graphics - you can puchase templates online which have very nice looking graphics that you can weave into your superadmin

2. GA Planning - understanding the structure of your website, how to filter and segment information to isolate each individual vendor and generate queries to extract individual vendor information

3. GA Integration - The development aspect of connecting your platform to GA's Reporting API, delivering proper query notation to extract information, and rendering the information into your template format for front end display

So depending on if you're a developer yourself, this can be a low cost DIY project where the only part you will most likely need help in is in the GA Planning part. You can consult an expert like myself to help you draft to ensure you are capturing the right information for your clients.

Alternatively, I myself am building a platform that allows users to easily deliver infographic type reporting with highly segmented GA information. We may be able to deliver a cost effect way for you to integrate with your system. Check out to find out more.

I hope this helps to solve your problem and feel free to schedule a call to discuss any details or if you require further assistance with the GA planning stage.

Jennifer Ping

Being able to set yourself apart from the rest of the category is critical to your success. As a bootstrapped startup, niche targets will likely be an ideal choice since cash and resources are limited.

In addition to Tom's response. Connecting with influential blogs and those that have a following will help significantly in getting user traction based on their recommendations.

Creating videos and tutorials to solve problems or poitn out pain points that you product can address may be a low cost marketing effort.

Don't forget to test and analyze your signup data in understanding what is the trigger for your users to signup and look for ways to exploit it.

Depending on how robust your product is, you can look to establishing strategic partnerships to leverage other people's networks and or brands.

Hope this helps.

Here are the things you need to consider:
- how is your current website performance (traffic, conversion, funnel, landing page etc)
- how is current campaigns performing? (CPA)
- evaluate the competitive space (determine what are available opprtunities that can be accomplished within your budget)
- plan, execute, and evaluate marketing campaigns

Your best bet is to understand what the space is like before committing to a particular channel. Do some testing and make sure you're tracking.

I went through a similar situation, I started building a SaaS product and I only know limited codes.

My advice is focus on what you're good at. Unless what you're trying to build is simple, your time is better off spent building the other aspects than trying to learn to code. I started trying to code myself. But I finally realized that the amount of time it takes for me to write code, I could have made more money, hired a programmer and still have leftover cash and time. Unless you are looking for the learning process then its different.

Even though, I'd advise against writing code, do consider understanding how your programming logic works and what are the milestones. Otherwise you'll have difficulties communicating with developer or managing the process.

Feel free to call me for more details

Jennifer Ping
Founder of

Keep in mind if money is what you are comparing, the financial health and opportunity at the ad agency needs to be examined closely as well. 20% of a small agency vs 20% of a large agency is very different.

You also need to consider how much control you like to have with your work, at 20%, you may not have the final say anymore. Consider whether or not your potential future partners have the same value and see if its a fit.

Ask yourself where do you want o be and what kind of future do you see yourself in? Like all good decisions, start with your objectives!

Hope this helps!

Jennifer Ping

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