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Businesses are in the game of making money. Big or small doesn't matter.

If your services are going to either make their lives easier or make them more money. The best way would be to, reach out to a decision maker.

The following 2 worked best for me, when I sold to companies like OLX, Quikr, TVS among others

Cold Emails
Send 5 emails ( 1 every 7 days) per person. Also, when you are reaching out make sure you reach out to at least a 150 of them every month. You would have a better chance of generating a meeting.

The best way though would be if some one can connect you directly to the said decision maker.

A developer, the First step is never to create a product.
Step 1 is alwasy
Test market acceptance:- Create an MVP, you would need a developer for it and try selling to people unrelated to you.

If 20 people are ready to pay for it and you have some revenue rolling in. Then invest in UX.

For now, check out similar products and get inspired by their UX and most developers should be able to do a satisfactory job of creating a UX from a sample.

For developers or UX designed just go to something like TopTal and pay by the hour.
Pro Tip:- Listen to Mixergy, a podcast. They tend to give out coupons for Toptal. This should also help you as far as your budget is concerned.

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