Mash BonigalaBrand Transformation Coach. Brand Strategist.

I have been building winning brands for 25 years and am the founder of a leading branding agency - Spellbrand.

In all these years, I identified 3 fundamental challenges that business owners struggle with and which lead to slow growth, lack of sales and revenue, and abysmal profits.

In fact, they are a lot easier to solve than most people think. You just need to change how you're thinking about them.

Here they are, and how to solve them:

1) Inauthentic Essence: Most brands have an inauthentic core essence and this makes marketing and connecting with the core audience very difficult.

So start by creating an authentic inner core based on a higher purpose goal, an internal brand purpose, robust core values, a meaningful vision and mission, deep audience personas, and a relevant brand story.

2) Muddled Brand Message: This issue arises due to point #1 above.

To fix this, create brand message blocks from the various core elements, break those blocks into story blocks, and for each, create micro-stories. Intersperse these with occasional sales messages.

3) Visual Inconsistency: This arises due to point #2 above. To fix this, align your visual language to points #1 and point #2.

Create your brand identity and other visual elements that align with the worldview of your audience personas and are not arbitrarily picked from trends.

See? That wasn't so hard.

If you want to talk about how this can be achieved for your brand, schedule a 60-minute Clarity video call with me!

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It is always a good idea to invest a little bit and secure a registered trademark - if you are in the US. Overseas, it depends on which country as each country has different laws in terms of copyrights and trademarks. Here is a link to a video that goes deep into how to secure your trademark and more:

Start with a brand and positioning strategy - this is fundamental to position you and differentiate. No amount of strategies would be useful unless you clearly understand your target audience and then align your brand strategy to that segment.

Construction, building, development and property building is a competitive business, but there are ways you can stay ahead of the competition. One method that will set you apart is branding.

Simply put, this means putting a face on your business to make it more appealing to your potential clients. This will make them feel like they know your company and thus be more likely to choose it. The key to creating a brand is to have an attractive, professional construction company logo created for your business.

Construction companies with a brand and a recognizable construction business branding are more successful. Don’t hide your light under a bushel; let your community and your customers see what your company stands for.

Your question is not clear. Are you asking how the sellers should differentiate themselves to make more money or are you asking wether your platform would make sense given that all sellers have access to the same files?

Wordpress is a great platform and you can add a plugin to take care of the membership aspects. But it requires configuration, updates etc.

You could for a all-in-one solution such as the Ringgle platform ( which does not need any backend configuration, tinkering or development etc.

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