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I will share my experience with you because I have had the same problem for a long time. It was in the '80s and unfortunately It was not the Clarity service yet. I was desperate to find the answer and went to a fortune teller and astrologer to ask in what field I may be the most successful in my life.
However, the astrologer was not able to solve my problem. According to astrology, I should be successful in all of my favorite fields. The astrologer was right, but how to deal with this problem?

I decided to choose a purpose that seems the easiest, the most appropriate, and the most needed by society at that moment. It was a very good choice.
Life is long and we may have time to realize another purpose later and work on them one by one. It may be also a better time and better place to do this than now. Sometimes the World showing the signs of what we should do next. All we have to do is to be able to notice that.

Finding purpose is one of my specializations in psychology right now. If you will talk with me, share more details about your purpose, and work on this together, I will be happy to answer your phone at any time.

Credentials are important because coaching is not regulated profession and any person can call themselves "coach" today. Depending on coaching specialization coach can be business person, psychologist, teacher, sport trainer or theologian. However, I can say that I'm experienced and successful coach and marketer for my own business, but nobody will meet me just because I'm good educated. I have to give examples of this how I'm helping.

Like other people already noticed, the most important information visible on the website should be about this what client can get after paying fee to this coach. Information should be with examples and testimonials. This should be clear for what someone paying. Should be something what is the answer for client needs and this should appealing to imagination of the client.

If someone need more personal and detailed information how to put on the homepage on your business website and want me assist you in making your choice in this matter feel free to contact me any time.

I'm always saying that first it all comes from passion within you. The best idea is to put your personal passion into your business. However I understand that in this question you are asking about the market and I will give you some suggestions.
If you or another person who is reading this have a passion and interest for the food, there is a fast growing market of vegan products. This is billions dollars industry who is not able to cover all the existing needs of the market and veganism in the USA has grown by 600% in the past 3 years.

This included not only food but also shoes, bags and accessories. There are needs for good quality, perfectly crafted purses and comfortable breathable waterproof boots from the other sources than the animal body.
There is a lot of place for creativity imagination and inventions in this field.
People who are not vegan are trying to go to this market because of possible income.
If you are interested in this idea and will discuss this with the mentor who is vegan and who is watching this market for more than 40 years you are more than welcome to call me any time.

As a professional success and achievement coach with over 30 years of experience I believe that you, like everyone else, have unique gifts to serve others and possibility use those gifts to gain income. However your strategy of searching for the source of income is wrong. Stop "trying" different jobs but take effort to find yours true calling to serve the society instead.

Start from the opposite strategy, even if this way of thinking will seem very strange from the point of view in your life situation at this moment. Imagine that you have all money and resources what you need. With this in mind look around to the World and society in your area and ask yourself what you will improve to make people’s lives better. Take time to reflect on this or even discuss it with friends and family. The next step is to search for job or your own business activity where you can, even partially participate in realization of this goal. Learn from others and gain experience to be closer to your goal. This can also build trust between you and your boss and help you stay in job even if you’re facing difficulties.

Is also important if you know yourself. Learn about your character strengths. You can take following online free survey to discover your character strengths:
The next step will be to find activities (including job or business) where you can have the best opportunity to use your character strengths.

If you want start making money online you should have your idea for the World first. This will help you choose the right online platform for your activity.

Feel free to contact me If you have more questions or want me to assist you in the process of choosing the right job or business.

I know a lot about emotions and how to work with them because of my degree in psychology and experience with helping others in business and in other life situations.

Emotions are natural part of life. Positive emotions like excitement can motivate us to continue working on our business. However emotions make for a better decision-making guide in personal and family life, and not so much in business. If you encounter the negative emotions like fear or anxiety you should focus your mind on the rational aspect of your situation. Look at your business plan, talk with accountant.

Negative emotions can often provide valuable information from the subconscious intuitive part of our mind. Sometimes we are uncertain about something and this makes us fearful. Making an effort to get more information can give us peace of mind. This could be for example information about competitors, customers or new marketing plan.

Ask yourself what kind of emotions do you feel and what kind of events are provoking them directly. This is the key to answer how to deal with them. The answer can help you review your business plan and startup idea to make positive changes.

Sometimes it’s difficult to think rationally when we are experiencing strong emotions. You can always call me to talk about this.

I studied Psychology, but I’m also certified and experienced in Personal Styling. I love helping professionals in the art and design industries.

It’s usually much easier to find clients who are close to the niche of your circle of friends, your personal interests and your own life style. Think about what is your own clothing style in your personal time not at work.
First you need to know yourself. Who are you? What fashion style do you like and know the best? This can be your speciality and unique niche. Are you Bohemian, Arty, Chic, Classic, Traditional, Glamorous, or Romantic in your style? Maybe you know where to find all hippie, exotic, flamboyant, sexy, sophisticated or preppy clothing accessories in the city. Maybe you are fan of punk, metal or goth music and can dress accordingly. Choose one from your heart.
Who are the people around you: students, artists, public speakers, comedy actors, politicians, people the LGBT community? Your specialization can be also just helping others find their own personal style, define individual taste to express who they are in professional and personal life.

Tips to expand online: It is possible to meet clients on Skype. Keep in mind that colours are not represented correctly on a webcam over Skype, but despite that it is still a useful and important tool in this profession. Accompanied by PayPal for business, it could allow you to expand your business to long distance, even internationally. You can also promote your service online with Instagram and a blog of your choice.

Feel free to contact me If you have more questions or want me to assist you in the process of choosing the right niche.

I specialize in helping people find business ideas. I can help you find the right business concept and help you become successful.

First, think what are your passions, talents, and skills. Such authenticity is an important personal factor in attracting investors. What kind of special skills and talents do you have? What you can do to make life easier, more pleasant or more enjoyable for other people?

You can expect the following questions from the potential investors:
Why you? What kind of skills and experience give you a competitive advantage compared to other startups with similar ideas?
Why is your project important to you? How committed are you to it? Have you invested your own money in it yet?
What kind of return should I expect on my investment? Investors want to see that your skills, knowledge and unique business ideas will provide a fast return from the investment in your company.

Feel free to contact me and we can work on this together. We can discuss further how to find business idea which can attract investors and clients.

I have learned a lot about this from Benedictine nuns and monks. According to Rule of Saint Benedict time should be equally divided to work, prayer and relaxation. A bell is rang to remind everyone when its time to begin the next segment of the day. Benedictine monastic "enterprise" managed to thrive this way 1500 years with happy nuns and monks.

There is always room for flexibility, particularly when we get inspired to perform a certain task and do not wish to get interrupted. In our own business, especially if this is the right business for us, we tend to go into flow during our work. In this state we lose track of time and we do not get tired. We can allow ourselves to go into flow from time to time in some of our projects.
We may also wish to increase our working hours, for example when our business has just entered the stage of rapid growth.
However we can be much more efficient and provide better quality service if we limit our work to a reasonable number of hours.

In an average day the best option is to plan not only work but also leisure activities, keep photos of your loved ones on your desk and set up reminders in your watch or phone. This will be like imitating life regulated by a Benedictine bell, which can be helpful in fully enjoying all the aspects of your life.

Feel free to contact me if you have more questions. 
I'm an Industrial Psychologist specialized in personal happiness and life satisfaction.
I can also can help you find the right business idea which will bring you the flow experience and make it easier for you to become successful.

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