Sujoy ChaudharyFounder of Airim

ex-Sales Strategy guy at Practo
ex-Business Analyst at ZS Associates

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Working in Sales Strategy helped me a lot in running a startup later.

Within a few months of starting up, you will realise that a scalable business is all about setting achievable milestones and using whatever possible to achieve them quickly.

Sales teaches you how to optimise your daily routine to meet your targets, while Strategy teaches you how to set the milestones scientifically.

You can use Airim ( to ask your website visitors why they are leaving the page.

Visitors respond by selecting the most appropriate reason or an FAQ that resembles closely to what they were looking for. If the content excites them, they re-engage with the website and even end up converting into signups.

All users' responses, actions and customer journey can be viewed in an admin dashboard.

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