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From my understanding for sole proprietorship you can only list it under your name. You need to have corp to list it under that name.

1. Would be great if you can tell us more about your audience.

2. Do you have data sets available about your users. Age, gender, income, etc because if you don't have that then don't expect to get paid top dollars.

3. I don't think you need to build anything at all. Instead of using an Ad network you can use an Ad server. You can also set floor rates at what you want to sell your traffic at. However your fill rate will be low. Best thing to do is not set any floor rate. By using ad sever I would suggest that you go hunt your own advertisers to your niche so build a sales time to get top dollars. If no direct inventory is available then sell off to exchanges. If that fails then have a backup mediation to ad networks.

Because it is annoying. Many people have various apps installed. If they enabled push for every app that would basically mean their phone ringing / vibrating almost every hour which is really annoying. They only enable push notification from important apps that are crucial for them such as Whatsapp or Twitter.

The first thing is to find the right guy in the company to approach your service to. The second thing is to give them an offer they can't refuse to say no to.

I am pretty sure Google must be paying big $$$ to GoDaddy and Bluehost to push their advertising services to their clients.

I believe you may be talking about the Shoemoney tool system. I don't think it exist anymore as the link is not loading for me

I think you need to think outside the box. You can definitely make 50k a month but someone just giving you ideas is not going to help you. Remember Ideas are just 1% execution is 99%. Find something you're passionate about. Find a problem that people have daily that can be solved.

But if you wan't ideas: E-Commerce is going to be really big over the net few years. Helping people increase their conversion rate will definitely make you over 50k a year if you can execute it right.

- Conferences like Game Developer Conferences.
- Find Local Meet ups that focus on Mobile Game Developers.
- Get PR
- Guess Blog Post on other Blogs
- Partner up with Platforms
- Connect with people on Social Networks (Twitter, Linkedin)
- Lots of Game Developer Forums out there
- Cold Email?

Message me more info I may be interested.

Well first of all what I would recommend you is not to worry about the monetization side of things but worry about building a great app. Worry about getting users on board and keeping them happy. You can't monetize without having any users. I noticed most people have 10,000 impressions a day and are worrying about monetizing that. For Mopub the best thing to do is just contact them. I'm sure the guys at Mopub will be more than willing enough to help you out.

I am based in Canada and ended up opening a US bank account with Harris Bank in Chicago without physically visiting their office. This was about 4 years ago. So maybe contact them and see if they could help you.

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